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Dog Sitting

We have experience caring for canines of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Absolutely no breed restrictions. Someone is on location 24/7. No worries of your dog being crated and left alone for 12+ hours at night such as traditional boarding facilities.

Cat Sitting

Cats of all breeds are welcome at Rochester NY Pet Sitting services. Will watch your feline friend in your home or ours! In your home we can stop by once, twice or several times a day. At our home they will be loved and cared for and supervised 24/7. We are familiar with cat nutrition, grooming (including nail trimmings), and more!

Fish Sitting

We have had saltwater and freshwater tanks in our home for over a decade. Extensive experience with saltwater fish including water changes, feeding (dried, frozen, live, seaweed), etc. We will not only care for your fish while you're gone, but are available for extra services such as water changes if you will be gone for an extensive period.

Bird Sitting

Yes! We do it all. We will care not only for your dogs, cats, and fish! We also have experience with birds of all types. We've cared for cockatiel's, parrots, canaries, finches, lovebirds, and so much more! Need your birds wings trimmed! We can do that too! Bird sitting will be done in your home OR ours!

Amphibian & Reptile Sitting

We have experience with: Bearded Dragons, Leopard Gecko, Ball Python, Corn Snake's, Crested Gecko's, Chameleons, Tortoises, Turtles, South African Horned Frog, Pacman frog, Pixie frog, to name a few... Your Amphibian / Reptile friend can be cared for in your home or ours for 24/7 care!

Bug & Other types of pets

Even if we haven't named the type of pet you have. Trust me, i can guarantee we've probably done it.... however, if we haven't, then we're definitely willing and open for a challenge. We draw the line at Kids and Spiders!

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What are my
pet sitting options

In my home pet sitting, boarding, and care:

Your pet (dog / cat / bird / reptile / etc) will have 24/7 supervision including interaction, play, walks, and care as applicable. No need to worry about someone going into your home while you're away! No need to worry about a boarding facility leaving your loved one crated throughout the day or for 12+ hours at night!

1 x Dog / Cat: $35 per day
2 x Dog(s) / Cat(s): $50 per day
Each additional Dog/Cat $10 per day

$10 per day per tank. (We have tanks available with essentials for each (or) if you would like to transport yours that can be accommodated as well).

In your home pet sitting and care:

Looking to have a professional go to your home? For NO extra charge we can also water your plants, bring in your mail, turn on / off (randomize) lights, etc. Any extra services will be taken care of within the time limit paid for. For example, if you pay for a 15 minute in home visit, then any services rendered will have to be within that time frame.

15 Minute Visit: $25 / Each
30 Minute Visit: $45 / Each

*Mileage may apply depending on location
*NY State Tax not included in above pricing


Looking for your canine (dog), feline (cat), avian (bird) friend to be groomed / cared for during their stay with us? For an extra charge we can trim your dogs / cats nails, clip your birds flight feathers, bathe your dog, etc.

Reptiles / Amphibians / Other

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Who we are

Welcome to a family run Rochester NY Pet Sitting business! We are your #1 spot for pet care and pet sitting! We have been watching pets professionally for over a decade serving families and pets of all kinds from Buffalo NY to Syracuse NY. Prior to starting our own business, we were all employed and trained at several local pet stores including both major and locally owned pet stores.